Research Scientists

  • Research Scientist, Environmental Sciences and Engineering​​​​
    Research Interest: Hydrogeophysics, Integrated hydrogeophysical inversion, Hydrological modeling, Soil Hydrodynamics, Digital soil mapping
  • Research Scientist, Joint Appointment with ErSE (Prof Stenchikov) and EnSE (Prof McCabe)
    Research Interest: Environment modeling, Fluid mechanics, Large scale/High capacity computing, Numerical analysis
  • ​Joint Appointment with ErSE (Prof Hoteit) and EnSE (Prof McCabe)​​
    Research Interest: Hydrology, Environment modeling, Fluid mechanics, Numerical analysis

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Environmental Sciences and Engineering ​(2013-2015)

    Assistant Professor, Suez Canal University, Egypt
    Research Interest: Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Paleoclimatology, Groundwater Management, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow (2013-2015)
    Environmental Sciences and Engineering ​​​

    Assistant Professor, Mansoura University, Egypt
    Research Interest: Regional climate modeling, Geographic Information System (GIS), Spatial Statistics, Climate Diagnosis, Weather Extreme Events
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Environmental Sciences and Engineering​​​​
    Research Interest: Numerical analysis, Agricultural monitoring, Satellite Remote Sensing, Hydrology, Water Resources, Land surface modelling, Hydrological Measurement and Monitoring, Remote Sensing

Masters Students

  • Masters Student, Environmental Sciences and Engineering​
  • ​Masters Student (2014)

    PhD Student, University of Toronto (2015 -)