Welcome to the Hydrology, Agriculture and Land Observation (HALO) group, part of the Water Desalination and Reuse Centre​ at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology​ (KAUST). We undertake a range of research across multi-disciplinary fields, with specializations in remote sensing of hydrology, land surface and regional climate modelling and in-situ observation and measurement of hydrometeorological variables.


Resilience in water and food supplies represent two major elements of the Kingdom's efforts towards a secure and sustainable future. Given the inextricable links between water and food and the critical importance of these locally and globally, the HALO Group​ seeks to address key components of this challenge.

Overriding research goals​ include: 1) to bet­ter under­stand the processes and mech­a­nisms that link and mod­u­late the move­ment of water within the Earth system; 2) to understand how water and energy are dis­trib­uted within the Earth sys­tem in both space and time; and 3) to diag­nose, model and predict hydro­log­i­cal cycle vari­abil­ity and change: par­tic­u­larly as relates to improv­ing water resource man­age­ment and water security.
The FalconViz​ designed "McCabe V2" Quadcopter, flying above KAUST campus. Oct, 2015. Photo courtesy of Ryan Boekeloo