Welcome to the Hydrology, Agriculture and Land Observation (HALO) group, part of the Water Desalination and Reuse Centre​ at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology​ (KAUST). We undertake a range of research across multi-disciplinary fields, with specializations in remote sensing of hydrology, land surface and regional climate modelling and in-situ observation and measurement of hydrometeorological variables.


Resilience in water and food supplies represent two major elements of the Kingdom's efforts towards a secure and sustainable future. Given the inextricable links between water and food and the critical importance of these locally and globally, the HALO Group​ seeks to address key components of this challenge. We are particularly interested in research and technology that provide new insights into Earth systems. 

Recently, this has included exploiting the use of UAVs and high resolution satellite data for precision agriculture applications. One of HALOs aims is to provide real-time and relevant information streams that aid in the decision support of water and food systems. Through using such approaches, we can provide an improved capacity to manage, monitor and predict crop water use, health and yield.
DSC06268 (1).JPG
Launch of one of the fixed-wing UAVs over our field site in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia.